My bother Justin (lilbro) is at this very moment doing the dreaded road trip from Brisbane to Cairns. The very same trip he and I did last Christmas. Click that link and you'll see all the sugar cane on the sides of the road, sugar cane we laughed about because beyond every bend we travelled we were welcomed with "more bloody sugar cane". Well not so much anymore it seems....

The MMS pics started coming an hour ago....

scorched earth

Justin: Devastation!

Me: I think I preferred the sugar cane.

J: When there is no cane...the is boring.

M: It looks like a wasteland :(

J: D Day has hit Gin Gin.

M: Ha, looks more like Stalin's scorched earth policy.

J: True lol


J: At least I have Armin

java and allens

J: and Java & Allens

M: Haha you SHOULD have Twitter, this is Twitter with pics lol

J: Yeah but I only wanna share this with you and not another million people. I only share with the people I care for man. You've done this drive recently, you feel my pain.

M: Oh I feel your pain. Sorry but I'm blogging these pics, but it wont be viewed by millions, just hundreds ;)

J: LOL you bastard.