Whatever you want to call it - Soto Cafe - this morning we had breakfast there, well second breakfast for me kinda. What with the toaster exploding whilst heating a hot cross bun and all early today.

Clinton is in town and I hadn't caught up with him since 2005, so scrambled eggs and pancakes for all to celebrate.

Breakfast of Champions

Then the iPhones came out and everyone compared Apps, it's a guy thing "who's apps are bigger" you get the idea. Not to be outdone Clinton, who is iPhoneless, quickly warmed to the wonder of technology that it is and had us all downloading stuff in a frenzy as well as locating us on Google maps. It was confirmed, we were all in the same cafe, Google said so.

Soto Cafe

Waz decided we all needed to see his Transformers transformation process, we pretty much saw a guy raise his arm and bend over. I think it was avant garde, either way we laughed in politeness hehehe (bloody hilarious actually and we were all sober)


Clinton suddenly announced his discovery of the greatest iPhone app to date, the Old Booth. Take a pic of someone then copy them into a mode of yesteryear. I know you're all stunned at how much fun we have on a Saturday morning aren't you. You can join us anytime.




We laughed so much my tooth fell out....yep my tooth fell out, I felt like a junkie for a moment. Doesn't hurt that much really, dentist bound though. See, have you ever laughed so much your tooth fell out? I didn't think so.


stella said…
Ha! Awesome! I was wondering how my friends had these old school pics of themselves up on Facebook!

And... i can't say I've ever laughed so hard my tooth fell out :P
Stu said…
Then you havenh't truly laughed Stella ;)