So I've decided to return to Twitter, not really sure why as I had forgotten about it for like 659 days (proof in the sidebar there). A few peeps I know are using it and a blogger from Canada I read every day started following me today (how she found me I don't know) but with people regularly signing up to follow me I figured I should provide something to follow. So to give this experiment a fair go if you use Twitter start following me and I'll reciprocate. I may tire of this soon but we'll see.

So in other news: I have finally come to turns with not being in Perth when Armin Van Buuren plays next June, however my fellow Armin devotees, Waz and Steve will be in Ibiza visiting numerous clubs at the time (mucho jealouso on that point) and Gaz will be travelling back from Spain and will be way too jet lagged to go. So I wont be alone in missing this, still sucks a bit though.

Oh how's this, I'm watching late night with Jimmy Fallon on TV at this very moment and they are doing a piece on Twitter....they found a dude in the audience who was new to twitter and has 7 followers. They just printed his name (Bryan Brinkman) on the screen and asked everyone to start following him to up his numbers and beat the most followed person on Twitter, one Barack Obama who has 422,423 followers......................just searched for Bryan and started following him and hahahahahaha I'm now the 21,444th person to sign onto his page ahahahahaha. He's on his way.

What else? Oh yeah, I almost saw something last Tuesday I did NOT want to ever see and hope I still never do. I was driving down William St towards the city when I spotted a young boy, maybe 10-12 years old walking down the footpath and then straight onto William St without breaking his stride. The thing is he was looking straight ahead at the ground and not at the traffic, he walked out to almost the width of the entire first lane. There was a taxi in front of me and he wasn't braking, at this point I started to go all wide eyed and think ohhhhhhh fuck, suddenly the taxi noticed him and swerved away which made the kid look up and jump, I slammed on my brakes and actually made my tyres smoke.

That kid came so close to being hit, this was the luckiest day in his to date very short life and he knew it too, the look on his face as I drove off was one of "holy shit". I'm so glad it turned out the way it did, I never want to see the outcome of that situation when it doesn't pan out this way.

Hey it's not a crappy way to end a blog post, it's a good ending ;)


Stella said…
Acckk! I don't get Twitter!
Isn't it just like a Facebook status update? I know I should join or become a follower or whatever it is because I have an obligation to know about this stuff for my job, but quite frankly, I don't need another distraction from work :)

Oh and good work on not making that boy tomorrow's news item.
Stu said…
agreed on Twitter, not really sure what the gain is so I'll give it a bit of a go and decide.

Thank my brakes :)
lil bro said…
Stick to blogging Stu. Twitter is the lazy man's blog in my mind.
someone who hasn't got serious time to tell their stories just their hourly events.
Stu said…
yeah 2 days into it and I'm already bored with it