Up in the wee morning hours today for a ride into Denpasar and the Australian Consulate for a dawn service. A turn out of over 200 Aussies was a pretty good effort too. Lot's of security to get into the building and I will admit to some early thoughts of nervousness as there is a current severe warning on all travel to Bali due to a strong threat of a terrorist attack right now.

So 200 Aussies standing in a group at the front gates of the consulate at 5.40am would have been a nice soft target for anyone keen to cause havoc. Thankfully no such incident though.

ANZAC Dawn Service Bali

ANZAC Dawn Service Bali Wreaths

They put on a nice smorgasbord brekky after the service but I'm kinda done with food in trays for a while so I left to get home, Made my house maid (yes I have a maid here hehee) is bringing me croissants and danish pastries, she should be here soon....yum.

ANZAC Dawn Service Bali Breakfast