And now I'm home, infected with the flu, swine flu no doubt. I did contemplate telling the flight attendants I had flu symptoms when they asked over the PA system but I really didn't want to quarantine the whole plane when we landed and besides I hadn't been in the US, Canada or Mexico. I mean who could be responsible for holding up the final duty free purchases of bourbon and ciggies frenzy that erupted as everyone else on my plane tore into the terminal. God help the person who causes a delay in that $5 a bottle saving. My god it was like feeding time at the zoo in the pig pen. They may have beaten me to death with duty free bottles of Mariah Carey perfume.

Someone commented recently that they're embarrassed to be an Aussie when they travel, I'll go one further and say at times I'm embarrassed to be a human.

Which brings me to Bali. I had an awesome break, ruined only by this late inclusion of a cold/flu. Bali really has changed a lot in the 10 years since I last left. Let's break it down

The Good:
  • The street sellers who used to annoy the hell out you have pretty much gone
  • There are some amazing restaurants to eat at now
  • You really don't have to stay in a hotel anymore, pay a little more and rent a villa, pure luxury.
  • The beaches are more stunning than ever
  • The ocean looked like it had less raw sewrage than before
  • It's generally cleaner than I remember it, but still fairly filthy
  • The Balinese people, they are just so nice
The Bad:
  • The rise of the Italian restaurant, my god why is every second eatery serving pizza and pasta.
  • The average Aussie Joe and his family. I know it's a cheap holiday and great fun but no need to behave like the rules are all gone for the next week, treat the Balinese as you would have them treat you.
  • The fashion sense of the new money Eastern Europeans (actually this should be under good as it's such a great laugh)
  • The rise in sleaze, portly 50+ white men with Balinese rent boys, portly 50+ white men with young Balinese girls. Hey I'm all for some holiday lovin time but maybe leave all that sort of lovin in Thailand yeah. Meh, I sound like a priest, but hey I was suprised to see it there.
None of this really matters though, I'd move there in a flash if I could sort out my employment to allow for it. The Internet is changing the world, you aren't isolated there at all anymore.

Meanwhile ANSETT lied, unless this shop is telling the furpies they appear to still be operating out of Bali, I'd not recommend buying a ticket though....


I found this shop on my last day....dang, next time maybe....

Rent a Vespa
A short vid of the beach at Ku De Ta....