After a return visit to Mocha for breakfast it was mostly a day of sitting by the pool in between plonking my butt at a beach cafe drinking long island ice teas (yes again) and watching all the people go by....


long island ice tea

Seriously, this chick and that guy were sickingly good looking, I expect they'll have ugly children though.

Hottest couple on the island

Sunday is ladyboy day at the beach it seems, counted at least 3

Lady boy

you dude, livin the dream


These novelty helmets are all the rage here in Bali, useless as all hell but everyone wears em



I'm not sure that this IS a reclining buddha, but close enough.

reclining buddha

I don't know why I took this pic...architecture?

Bali balcony

The vodka in Bali is good enough to use as motorbike fuel....huh?



lil bro said…
Looks like its the Stucasa is in full swing baby for some relax/chillex.

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