More of the same really, except for the early rise for the dawn service (see below). Breakfast of croissants and danish waiting for me courtesy of Made and then an attempt at shopping. Mostly failed at that except for some DVD's which may or may not work HA!

I did however discover the Long Island Ice Tea at lunch, a drink I had not really ever noticed before and yet I now wonder why the hell I hadn't. Man they pack a punch, who knew it has 4 shots of spirits in each glass? I do now, woohooeee.

I always ask for extra clamps when I order Spaghetti Vongole


I had read about this house speciality of Singapore chilli crabs at a restaurant down Poppies Lane so I managed to devour a dish of those tonight. I even ignored the fact that I looked like a total dufus with a big bib around me as I chomped my way through it, so delish.

Still pretty hot here during the days but getting cooler daily. Yesterday was so hot that at one stage I lifted my arm from the table and the fork was stuck to my skin, hahaha hell funny at the time.

Oh did I mention I was staying at this Villa....

Villa door