The final Ku De Ta

My last full day in paradise, flying home with a sore throat (swine flu??) tomorrow. What a trip, what a place, Bali really has changed since I was here 10 years ago. Better or worse? Hard to say and more on that in days to come.

Started today with breakfast at my fav French pastry store, Mocha Cafe, bro handshakes from the waiting staff means I've eaten there enough times to be considered partially local I guess. I'd heard about a place with good Indian linen and I need new bed sheets so found that shop, bought those sheets and headed to Warung Murah for lunch. It's a great local eatery where you choose what you want to eat from the counter and they pile it up for $4. Washed down with a large bintang and you're in lunch time heaven right there my friend.

warung murah

warung murah 2

Spotted this down near the Linen store

"we're just not that sure really"


Caught up with a friend tonight and we headed down to Ku De Ta to watch the sunset and all the beautiful people watching the sunset. We were a bit late to grab one of the couches but still managed a front of deck possie. Wow what a place, a trillion times more expensive than anywhere else in Bali but well worth it. Although $500AU for a bottle of veuve clicquot is a bit OTT. So we just stuck to hard liquor and sushi....

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta sushi

Ku De Ta horses

Ku De Ta  sunset

Ku De Ta sunset 2

Ku De Ta sunset 1