A great French pastry breakfast at Mocha cafe followed by some supplies shopping at an outer suburb shopping centre. So many treats to be found on overseas supermarket shelves isn't there...

Chocolate Negro's? Erm okay, do I just add water?

Chocolate Negro

Hmmmmm a bit gritty yes

Sand Cookies

So good they bottled it


Then back to the Villa for some lunch and a swim. I love how the Villa staff just plonk themselves down on a shared day bed for a nap every midday. We really should think about the midday nap as a serious inclusion into our work days back home.

Lunch Time

Villa front

Villa Statue



Tried to grab some dinner in Poppies Lane but the power was out so walked back to Kopi Pot for some noodles and satay. Followed by more swimming. Have to get up early for the Dawn service tomorrow.

Villa night


tiff said…
Wow do you have the WHOLE place to yourself? There seem to be no one else around!
Stu said…
yep, whole place for me :) It's a private villa that belongs to a friend of mine. I have a house maid who flitters around all day, washes my clothes, buys me breakfast if I want to eat in, gets me mixers for my vodka and gin, puts fresh white linen on my bed every day. Pure luxury and I'm hell spoiling myself. So peaceful and beautiful
tiff said…
Awwww....envy! (Note to self: time to get another lotto ticket.)