In pictures

Zanzibar is for breakfast and yawning

zanzibar yawn

Zebra is the new Hawaiian print

zebra surf

Just how fast is internet speed?

internet speed connection

Yeah, but until you've actually tried Vodka with Blueberry Fanta you really shouldn't criticise me

vodka blueberry fanta

It's weird seeing swastikas but you have to remember they don't belong to the nazis


Balinese cat be carryin some heavy bling baaaaby.

cat bling

Anyone for a belt sandwich?

Belt sandwich

Chicken satay over hot coals....

chicken satay

....with an ice cold Bintang, the lunch of champions


An ordinary dinner at a Japanese restaurant, numerous dips in the pool, a few more Bintangs, vodkas and a G & T. These pictures you have to imagine for yourself.

Selamat tidur


Anonymous said…
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy. Nothing else to say except it all looks very luxurious and ooooooooooooooohhh so relaxing. take care