Arrived in Adelaide today as part of my 3 state, 3 city whirlwind tour of Australia in under 50 hours. I like to set myself challenges from time to time. Well it's work related actually and I am trying to get it all done as quick as possible, should be interesting and hopefully fun. Pretty good so far.

Hotel is great, Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, right in the heart of the city and really nice rooms, I even have a bath which is a rare treat for me and I'll be diving in shortly. I wonder if there's bubble bath. Just noticed this place on their web site, Majestic Minima Hotel, looks great, very compact and a great price*. Maybe next time.

Walked out of the hotel this afternoon to this statement, missed it by 3 weeks I guess....


Managed to fit in the Adelaide Museum this afternoon, in particular the Indigenous Cultures Exhibition. Some great stuff in this collection and stuff.

adelaide museum1

I for one do not see the comfort in using one of these, give me a pillow any day.

head rest

I shudder when I see stuff like this, thankfully we've moved on from "encouraging" reenactments like this


I had to laugh at this description of Beatrice Blackwood, "A naturally Strong Constitution" is this 19th century speak for for tomboy/lesbian? Or did we just not believe woman could act independently and endure hardship? Again thankfully we've moved on from this kind of bollocks.

beatrice blackwood

These were the coolest of everything, spears with points made from Obsidian. So cool.

obsidian spears

Tomorrow I'm on my way to Sydney where I will be interviewing potential employees in the QANTAS club lounge before jumping on another flight to Brisbane. Good times. Who am I kidding, I'm gonna be fairly knackered by the end of tomorrow :sigh:

*no I do not get a commission for recommending this, ha, I just think it's pretty cool and I like to share.