Life deals you cards, some you play others you flip. Some you wish you had never played, others you wish you hadn't tossed, I mean what if.......huh, what if?

So I've ended IT and IT had so much potential.

Why end it?

It's complicated.

Short answer - It just wasn't going to work, we weren't going to work. At least not the way we/she/I wanted it to work and not all of it caused by us, other things/stuff played into this.

Long answer - you don't get it, I don't want to share it.

This girl....ahhh this girl, you should meet her - you should know her. I have, I do and so I win.

And sadly this is the only time she will be on here on this speaker box on this fucking appendage of me. I know I said you wouldn't be on here but I feel the need tonight. I know you wont mind, not now, not after everything

Now at the risk of sounding anymore fucking emo than I am right now I will end this self indulgent dribble, my apologies, I rarely do this but this time....



stella said…
Sorrrryy Stu :(
Stu said…
Ranx said…
I feel it mate. going through an ending myself at the minute and it's not pleasant :-(
Stu said…
It's fairly shithouse isn't it?