A huge day today. Swung out of Adelaide this morning and touched down in Sydney for another job applicant interview. As Adam has a Platinum QANTAS frequent flyer card and I only have a lowly gold one he was kind enough to guest me into the Platinum club.

A definite cut above the usual QANTAS club lounge. We were hideously under dressed in jeans, runners and T's and the youngest in the room by about 15 years but meh, sucks to be them. Got the interview out of the way and then spent the next few hours waiting for our flight to Brisbane by spotting B and C grade celebrities in the lounge. There was that hairdresser to the stars dude and the dude who collapses in Sydney parks with "stuff"in his pockets oh and Neil Perry (he's a chef ya know).

After that it was onto Brisbane for the serious interviewing stage and now I'm pretty shattered and in need of sleep. No bath in this room so no luxury tonight. Sampled some local Asian food a bit ago, lil Singapore, where the service was beyond atrocious but the food was great. Although considering how hungry we were I think anything would have tasted good tonight. Perth tomorrow, oh and please pray that I don't get sandwiched next to an obese ass wipe on this flight like I did this afternoon. man there are simply some people in this world who should be removed from society. What a jerk, but that's another story

How deadly does that dipping sauce look? Pure pureed chilli with a dash of soy....oh the pain.

death by chilli

lil singapore

lil singapore1


Anonymous said…
i prefer to think of it as "..perfectly underdressed...".

foolish suits!