Bit late in posting this but meh. I watched the Eurovision contest whilst I was up north last week and chatted throughout with some friends down in Perth....

Me: why does the Swedish woman look so terrified?

Armenia on stage

Adz: I was gonna say the Greek entry was the best so far but this one...

M: Vampires?? Unsure lol

Russia comes on

M: OMFG is this a communist rally to the collective propaganda song or what the fu...

M: Putin will have her shot

M: The two lesbians last year were much better lol

A: Man, you have to come over next year, Monica is making up the lyrics for each song

M: Hahaha I'm there

A: Damn it!! I traded Azerbaijan with Justin and they show up with this...she has a metal leg FFS!!

M: Oh no look fucking emos

A: Haha...he's far too "into" that guitar.

Moldova comes out dressed in peasant style national costume

M: A young peasant girl from Moldova....

A: Hehe one girls journey from Moldova to was that skirt?!!

A: Consensus here is this ones from Disney...

M: Hahaha

A: But I traded Justin Azerbaijan for this dross, no fireworks, no mid song costume change; Justin wins again :(

M: I fucken love Danish cowboys...

A: Hehe Jacqui asked me why I was stupid enough to buy so many guitars that need plugging in; why didn't I get ones like these guys instead?

M: Haha so true, whoa hang on there's ya fireworks.

Germany's turn

A: !

M: Imagine if we'd lost the war, how would we work in those pants

A: Hahaha

A: I'm up for it....Justin claimed to not know who Dita Von Tease is (his missus is here) Jacqui said "you prob know her as www.celeb...." hahaha cold medicine agrees with my girl

Turkey is on

M: Ahhh Shakira time...

Albania comes out with two short clowns in black, a blue masked man and a 17 year old girl, a very random affair.

A: Midgets!!

M: Winnah!!

Norway the eventual winner appears

M: Ahh great a friggen art student

A: I swear they lobotomise the hosts

Ukraine appears with 3 muscley back up dancers in silver Spartan warrior uniforms

A: Best back up dancers ever!!

M: Yeah but she's 297 short of a winnable force

Romania bursts onto the stage

M" In Romania boob jobs are free

A: God the Brits are boring

M: and we wonder why they came last in 2008

M: This is what happens when you win the war..

A: I mean in this you are ALLOWED to have fireworks, metal pants and gay centurions and this is the best they could do...

M: Hahaha but it is British old boy

Finland comes out with a mix of Vanilla Ice, flames and spandex

M: Yo sup? Flame on biyatches

A: Take that Eminem

Final act...Spain

M: That's a man baby

A: ahahaha

They then cross live to the international space

M: Oh so that's why we have a trillion dollar tube in space and here's me thinking it was for science

A: Half way through that message he should have turned to the window and shouted "WTF was that. Did you see THAT?"

M: Ahahhahaa oh that would have been insanely awesome

A: And your choice sir? I'm thinking Ukraine deserves it for the Spartans

M: Haha sure but methinks maybe France

A: Ahhh and now the yearly exploration of European politics...the voting

A: How is Borat not hosting?

M: Ha he'll be looking for some "sexy time" with a Euro groupie later

M: Russia is screwed, they've invaded way too many former colonies in the past year

M: Screw this the hobbit art student from Norway has it in the bag, I gotta get some sleep, till next year Eurovison

A: Adios Amigo


Anonymous said…
God i love Eurovision.

cant believe its 12 months till it rolls around again :(

lil bro said…
How did that kid with the fiddle win???
I can see him going plantinum.LOL
Stu said…
purely won on his hobbit/gelfin like looks lol
lil bro said…
they do have a habit of that don't they?
Irishman said…
Moldova was robbed, ROBBED I TELL YOU!

It's a hilarious rollercoaster of men with no chest hair, women who are illegally beautiful, and performances that vary from dodgy to creepy to hilariously camp. Really enjoy the Greek entry actually. Norway? He won 'cause he's Zac Effron with eyebrows, but damn it's a catchy tune!
Stu said…
Hahaha excellent review