When I was a kidlet the dolls were different. I had a kind of GI Joe action man doll and I'm pretty sure my sister had a few imitation Barbies. Childlike curiosity naturally led to the disrobing of said dolls to investigate the shape of their genitalia. We were always met with a mound. Yes a mound, it appears that dolls back then were sans genitalia. And somehow in retrospect we were glad of it.

Well not so much these days. I was over at a buddys' house a few weeks back for an evening of beer, Thai food and English/Scottish Premier league football. Naturally after a few ales it was time to head to the bathroom where I was met with this....

freaky doll

Sober this would have required a double take, slightly impaired it was well, just freaky. Even the outy belly button (I think Barbie had a belly button but GI Joe just had a shrapnel wound) is on display. Well his kids are if anything way better informed on human anatomy that I ever was at that age.


lil bro said…
gezz the boy is hung like a donkey.LOL