A fast and furious 2 and a half days of jetting around the country and interviewing potential employees has finally come to an end. As tiring as it was I did enjoy it and we had some good results so it was worth it.

Managed a much better seat for the 5 hour haul from Brisbane to Perth which was great. I usually refrain from eating airline food but 5 hours was just too long a space of time so I indulged...

inflight meal

Yeah that reads good (above) but the reality was far from that (below)

- this bits for Tiff -

inflight meal1

Adam is suitably unimpressed with his food as well


Spectacular views of the South Oz coastline and some intense cloud cover

south aus coastline

Finally approaching Perth, to be greeted by half empty dams....


....and fires in the hills, although I'm thinking CALM burn offs.

fires perth hills2

Destination - that flat strip top middle of pic

perth airport

The hills as we come into land

the hills

Good to be home. The Nick Cave exhibition awaits woohoo


lil bro said…
Never, ever eat the plane food.

You cant shit for days after that crap cause its not food, its paint rocks.

Mate i hope you didn't get lured by the dark side.

Use the force and be strong.LOL
tiff said…
Mmm, i see they still serve that hideous thing they call butter. Qantas food, still a FAIL. :P
Stu said…
Yep and they're also still serving that hideous thing they call food :)