Dinner at Jackson's Restaurant again this weekend, Maccas belated birthday celebration. I truly love this restaurant and have only ever felt slightly let down twice after eating there and both times I've felt let down were times when I didn't have the Dego menu. The first time this happened was my first ever visit to Jacksons and the second was last night.


Don't get me wrong, it was still a notch above most other restaurants in Perth but it just didn't quite do it for me this time. Little things like the overpowering sorbet between starters and mains, more like a dessert than a palate cleanser and the Partridge I had for main course was just lacking a little something....flavour. It def needed some more.

But a great night, good company, good wines, good service and for the most part good food. Can't wait for the next visit. I'm off to Balthazars on Tuesday night. Two of Perth's best in a week, what a week.