I'm watching the daylight referendum results over at the ABC and it's looking like a defeat for the Yes vote. I voted Yes so I'm a tad disappointed, but I'm not really perplexed either way. I think I voted this way just so I wouldn't be associated with some of the insane arguments against it.

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I've been trawling the comments section over at Perth Now and they are hilarious, but not just the No sayers, some of the Yes sayers have no idea as well. Here's a selection of the best and I know it's heavily weighted to No comments but they are the greater in number and the funnier....

(Spelling and grammar errors not mine)
The beauty of Western Australia is , that we are different. An elite race ( of all races) unique to this corner of the planet. People come here for a slow down of their lives......and when they have enough , they leave. ...some of you have overstayed your welcome.......LEAVE.
Posted by: Evilbunny of Mandurah (country)
Oh thank you Evilbunny, I now know where I can get one of those "Fuck off we're full stickers" it's Mandurah.
who on earth wants to get up an hour earlier just to go to work!!
Posted by: im not getting up an hour earlier to go to work!!
Um, you really haven't grasped this issue all that well have you, pretty sure that if you get up at say 7am for work without DLS then you'll also get up at 7am with DLS. But hey you're boss will be impressed if you keep rockin in early I'm sure.
well if the No vote gets over the line I recon the stupid politician to who brings on the notion of another referrendum pays for it out of his own god danm pocket what an absolute waste of time and my god damn taxes!!! what a bunch of morons we have running this state!!!
Posted by: NIcky
Yeah I hear ya NIcky with a capital I, it is expensive, but to be fair the morons running this state didnt organise this one, it was the previous government who I'm assuming you voted for. So steady there, best to know who is spending your "goddamn" taxes...I recon
vote No or your off peak power rate (which is about 1/4 of peak) would be at 10pm. $$$$ better in my pocket
Posted by: BB of Perth
erm howdy BB, good point, money is better in your own pocket but alas I have to flop you into the "I don't really understand this issue" basket. You see 9pm will still be 9pm and the off peak time will still be 9pm because believe it or not the electricity companies have to move their clocks too....I know!! freaky huh?
Just mark a big cross for a NO when you vote like i did enough said!
Posted by: Mark of bunbury
Hi Mark, you're one of my favs, mostly because you're encouraging all the No voters to cast an invalid vote. So thanks for not actually writing NO and putting the invalid X. PS are you a pirate? Cos I believe most pirates sign their names with an X, if you are you're pretty cool in my book.
I hope all the people who vote NO today will spend an hour with their children before they go to work each day. We love spending time doing things with the children at night-time and sadly they will have an hour less quality family time if the No voters get their way.
Posted by: sphynx

Awww spynx, I had such high hopes for you. But you're going into that basket as well. I'm sad that you'll be losing an hour a night with your hang on, is the day 23 hours long without DLS or is it 23 hours long without it? Damn I'm confused.
I can only tune chicks when the sun goes down, it must be some phsycological thing so I will be voting no. I hate having to wait that extra hour.
Posted by: Tuner Boy of North Perth
Tuner boy you are my hero ahahahahahaha
Having the sun up an extra hour is not going to help the global warming issue we have. Antartica is already melting at an alarming rate, the extra hour of sunlight is going to cause huge problems for Antartica.
Posted by: Lisa of Balga
I think Lisa of Balga is taking the piss, god help us all if she isn't. She is isn't she? Isn't she....?
i voted NO, 3 referendums everyone said no, and we get enough sun as it is the sun sets over the coast not the mountains, and the ballot paper is unfair anyway, to hot, to sunny, i heard one lady say that she cant go out at night, if you want to go out at nightthere is street lights and night time isnt until the sun goes down anyway, qld dont have it and they manage fine:) the sun goes to bed like 8pm in summer anyway without daylight savings, we do more buisness with ASIA and since when does over east change there clocks for us? no mountains means more sun anyway,
Posted by: Reece of Perth
Oh dear, oh dear Reece. What are these magical mystical mountains that are big enough to block out the curvature of the planet that you speak of? Although your idea of making the eastern states change their clocks to suit us is interesting. So they'd need to put their clocks back 2 hours, I'm sure they'll love it being pitch black at 8am not to mention daylight at 10pm, sheesh I should move there.
I voted YES - to get rid of the great Australian icon - the noisy - squawking crows at 4am in the summer months!! For god sake, you must be mad if you like them outside your window. After living here for 15 years i now know why Aussie woman speak with such a high pitch squeal - its listening to the crows, blackbirds, ravens, whatever they are called from the moment they are born!! Go on, listen to the crows and compare them to the Aussie women, bizarre, they are identical!
Posted by: Jay
A very wise move not posting your suburb there Jay, geez I hope you didn't move here to marry an Aussie girl ;)
Can I save up all my extra hours and take a few days off at the end of Daylight Saving? Hahah
Posted by: Dacky of Country
Yes Dacky YOU can hahaha
Typical City Slickers. VOTE NO for your future's sake. How about these MORONIC cityslickers that know very little or nothing about the country consider this. Where does all your food come from? Exactly. The country. So vote no in order to keep alive (the farmers shouldn't supply these idiots who ruin their livelihoods with food that'll teach them.)
Posted by: daylight saving rott in hell
Yeah they should just ruin their livelihoods by cutting out their biggest market. brillaint tactics, a career in the defence forces awaits YOU!
Perth people are stupid.............................
Posted by: the rest of Australia is laughing at ya



Anonymous said…
Excellent Stu,not much better here and almost the same brilliant comments. The hour getting up early always gets me. Looks like we have to wait a bit longer.
Stu said…
the way humans think at times amuses me no end
Waz said…
I dont know whether to laugh or cry, so i am doing both - kinda like Liza Minella does