I'm pretty exhausted and finally clean. An hour ago I was covered in mud, now only the floor of my room is (must sweep that up...meh tomorrow).

It all started well enough, a survey down by the Fortescue Marsh and a great BBQ lunch in a creek bed.



After that it was all downhill. I made the brilliantly awesome decision to show my new assistant Kate the water in the Fortescue Marsh. It doesn't fill up all that often so it's a rare sight. Hey we were only 500m or so from it so why not huh? So off we cruise when all of a sudden I notice the track getting soft and slippery and then bam, I'm stuck in the mud.


Fortescue marsh

I call up the other vehicle to come and pull my sorry arse out of this mess, they arrive and back in slowly trying not to get stuck but to no avail as they too soon become stuck in this hellish stuff. A phone call to head office enlists the help of 4 other vehicles who should make it before the sun goes down in an hour. 30 minutes later they arrive. The first car for a reason known only to the driver decides to reverse in as well butturns around on the soft part of the track and well yes you saw this coming didn't you. Stuck hard in the mud.

If you look closely at this pic you can see all 3 of the bogged cars

3 car bog

So this is just friggen awesome stuff, I wondered if it was at all possible to get all 6 cars stuck in this crap. Well we came close as two of the vehicles pulling ours out managed to get bogged as well and had to be rescued.


And just in time, as the sun was well and truly on its' way down. Oh and just to make it an awesomely awesome day the car in front of me gets a flat tyre. Always great fun changing tyres in the dark.

tyre change

I am so looking forward to climbing into my bed in a few minutes time.


The Desp. said…
haha. Hilarious. Last year I got bogged outside Roebourne and the guy who came to get us out proceeded to get bogged (he forgot to lock his hubs!)so they called out the Wickham fireys. How embarrassing!!
Stu said…
Ha...then you feel my pain lol
Waz said…
THAT is a LOT of cartons of beer owed
Stu said…
Haha yep, bit who owes who that's the big question