Goodbye Melbourne, always a pleasure. I failed to achieve most of wanted I wanted to do yesterday due to my inability to recover from Thursday night. But I did manage a walk around the city and eventually found myself in Flinders Lane. Last year I stumbled upon a Banksy in this street so I decided to check it out again.

Sadly it's no more, somebody poured silver paint all over it. Why? I know it's just street art and I don't care that people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for his work these days, I just prefer to see street art succumb to the elements and just fade away. This was just malicious....

The pic I took back in Feb last year


All that remains today

Banksy destroyed

Full story here



The Desp. said…
I actually think the defacing of the banksy is quite hilarious. Street art is transient, so I think that once they put perspex over it to preserve it because it is allegedly worth something, it was going to get destroyed by someone. The fact that they wrote "Banksy was ere" over it is the icing on the cake. I'd say it probably would have stayed intact much longer if they hadn't attempted to preserve it.
Stu said…
I don't think Banksy's art was ever designed to last forever, it's street art, thats what happens. But I would have personally preferred it to have just faded away. This is just malicious.

I think the dude put the perspex up because it was behind a bunch of SULO bins which would have been speeding its' end. But agreed that the extra interest this incurred no doubt resulted in this.