Having a ball, so little time to blog. last night we caught the Aus v Japan game at the MCG. So cold over here but I kinda love that, makes a nice change. Sadly none of my clothes are suitable for this weather so I'm wearing layers.


justin chris dave

MCG crowd


This morning it was a late and I mean late breakfast at the European followed by a wander down Brunswick St in Fitzroy for some window shopping and lunch at Melbournes' version of Little Creatures. Small but pretty good. Then onto a very cool wine bar in Fitzroy called Eno teca where we polished off a few reds. On to St Kilda tonight for dinner.

The European 2

Brunswick St

little creatures

carlton gang


eno teca

elvis and lionel sml


Anonymous said…
Nice you guys got together and no doubt enjoyed the game. Tell me did I give birth to Justin and a mobile phone. Just kidding.
good win for us was't it.
Stu said…
hahaha I think you did, yeah it was great seeing him again, we had a lot of fun, I'm just glad he went home before I destroyed myself on Thursday night. Still burning all pictures of the event hehe