Dropped into a small and cool wine bar down in Nth Freo tonight called Mrs Brown. Marco, Karks, Linda, Gen and I found a spot by the front window and peeled off our layers of warm clothes and scarves to take in a couple of bottles of nice red wine. Perfect weather for it.

Mrs Browns

The place is filled with old second hand couches and chairs (nice ones, not crappy tatty numbers) and if you feel the need to eat something the burger place next door called Flipside will deliver some funky burgers and fries to your table. Not your regular addition to a good bottle of Shiraz Grenache but it was the business tonight. Go and visit, great atmosphere, wine list is pretty small and is hilariously printed inside some old Enid Blyton type kiddie book covers with a pretty good variety amongst the 20 or so on offer. Good times.

linda and gen

karks and Linda




The Desp. said…
Looks good. I don't get down to freo much though, but might be worth the train ride.

Try Bar 399 at, surprisingly, 399 William St Northbridge. Went there the other night and it was pretty laid back and the barman made some pretty nice cocktails for me and my lady. A lot more casual than other cocktail lounges in Perth (1907 - I'm looking you way!!!).
Stu said…
ahhh yeah have heard of Bar 399. Will give it a looksee soon, cheers