I don't even drink tea but I do eat warm scones with lashings of homemade strawberry jam and cream (I ate them so fast I failed to get a pic) so Nells and I raced up into the hills this afternoon to indulge. I remembered driving past a sign on my way to Araluen a few years ago so I hoped it was still there. And it was....


I have to say though that when I was learning to speak Italian I'm pretty sure it was spelt cappuccino.....or am I wrong?! And as far as tearooms go it was fairly ordinary. The cafe faced out onto a massive jarrah filled valley but when you sat down at your table to enjoy the view the bottom window frame was above head height, so effectively you could only see the tree tops up the other side of the valley. One word to the owners, redesign!!

I have to laugh every time I have a Devonshire Tea anywhere in the world (I'm a bit pro Devonshire you see) and I always ask for one sans the tea, maybe a juice instead. This seriously throws those who work in the Devonshire Tea industry into a tizz. It just does not compute. I' m often met with blank looks and a quizzical "Huh?" Today was no different, "I'll just check with the manager, hang on" Sigh, chortle.

The other thing that really annoyed me was how loud everything was in this place, it echoed like a banshee. The waitress was walking around the tables with a plastic tub (always a good look) collecting cutlery and plates and dropping every second item along the way. Add to this, three generously proportioned women on a table behind us with huge mouths that....just....kept....bellowing....laughter at everything each one of them said. Even as we we're leaving we could hear them from the car. Ahhh my ears. At least they were having a good time.


Even little things like when we wanted to walk down to ^that^ pond and have a looksee had to be abandoned, as we met Do Not Enter signs at every turn, ahh well I'll just take a pic from up here then shall I. Okay that's enough whining, I'm afraid it's put me in a "why does Perth just suck at everything it does mood" I get spoilt when I go east. At least the scones were good and the drive into the hills awesome. I think I might retire there one day and open a tea room .... with a view.

outside bath



tiff said…
Oooh, where is this? Have you tried scones & tea at Tranby House? Pretty darn good.
Stu said…
hahaha oh snap, I literally just clicked on your blog and then your comment came in...spooky.

It's along the road to Araleun Botanical Gardens in Roleystone and I remember reading about Tranby House on your blog, I was considering it if this place wasn't there still. But it is and I probably should have gone to Tranby.

But the drive is great up there, windy roads through the hills. We need more of that in Perth. Plus the scones were warm and tasty