I love my job, I get to do some awesome things and I get to meet some awesome people. But lately one part of my job is not so great. I think I need to write this down just to get it out of my system, I doubt it will work though.

In my job I get to work with a wide variety of people from all over the state and over time I befriend a good portion of them. We don't see each other all the time but they pop into my life every couple of months for two weeks periods over many years. We have some good laughs and we walk some great country, we share some great moments and I get to peek into their culture just that little bit. I get to shake their hands when we say goodbye and give them hugs when times are bad. These people are becoming part of my life and I'm all the richer for it.

Then every now and then I get the awful awful news that another one of them has gone. I wont see them ever again. I know all life comes with this flaw but 24 and 35 is not a life, it hasn't been lived, it's just too fucking short. Today is another of those days and I feel so very saddened by it. We worked together only a few weeks ago, we joked around and I teased him as I always did by mixing up his surname with other guys we both know, this always made him laugh and man he had the best laugh and the best whole face smile and now its just a memory. And that so sucks.

I'm tired of going to funerals, I'm tired of them being 6 lines in a newspaper and I'm tired of never seeing them again.