I read some sad news today, Father Brian Morrison has copped two types of terminal cancer and probably wont survive the year. Thoughts are that he may have scored a dose of radiation whilst visiting and helping sick children in Chernobyl.

Perth people will know about Father Brian as he's always in the news helping people less fortunate than most, tirelessly helping them in fact. I was lucky enough to be a very small part of his efforts for a few years around 15 or so years ago. I was head chef at Cocos restaurant at the time and every now and then we found ourselves in the position of having too much meat in stock (we did our own butchery there and at times certain cuts would back up) and we needed to do something with it fast. Instead of selling it off cheap we often cooked it up into a brat pan of stew and gave Father Brian a call. He'd whip round in his van as quick as he could and take away tubs of beautifully cooked beef casserole and the like.

I asked him where it was going only once and he answered "Off to the single mothers shelter, it'll feed the mums and their kids, god bless you all for this". Now I'm not a religious guy but I was happy to cop that blessing. What a guy, really he is an awesome guy. I really hope he fights this battle with the same dogged determination that he's used to do all of the great work he's done for so many others.


Anonymous said…
Cousin Lloyd says hello and good luck! also, any idea's on contacting Father Brian?
Stu said…
Unfortunately I haven't been in touch with Father Brian for over 10 years, however:

His Crisis Centre number is (08) 9481 4050

There is also a Benefit gig for him on 23rd August http://www.charleshotel.com.au/Hotel/index.php?id=145

hope that helps
Hi there,

I'm helping Father Brian getting his 'marketing' together, and launching a website etc. Drop me a line if you like & I can put you in touch (he has an email address, but he doesn't read email :-) )

Kind regards,
Carol Wallbank
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Hi Stu,

I'm actually making a website for Father Brian (thanks to Itomic Websites who have donated the site). I'm wondering if I may use your words, or if you'd like to write some other words about your previous dealings with father Brian. If anyone else wants to contribute or has stories/photos/info, please send to me & i will incorporate.

Best regards,
Carol Wallbank
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