Spotted this yesterday and then the artist at work on it again this morning. It's at the end of my street on the cnr of Beaufort. I have a sneaking suspicion this dude may be the same one that painted this.



edit: on further reflection and the advice of emma, this is unlikely to be associated with creepy's work on the old red parrot nightclub. I sense some influence though....maybe not.


Emma said…
As a street art fan, I think I can safely say that this pic isn't of Creepy (the guy who painted the big man made of leaves on Roe street).
Stu said…
oh okay, I was just making a comparrison of the leaves and the hair in the two pieces. Perhaps an influence then
Stu said…
on further reflection yes this doesn't look like a usual 'creepy' piece. I should have asked the guy a few questions, interviewed him even but he was so engrossed that I feared breaking his thought process.
emma said…
I like his style too and you're right, there's definitely some Creepy influence in there.

If you're a creepy fan, check out his blog: