Last week a bunch of us finally caught the latest Star Trek movie. Wow what a show, edge of the seat effects and just a whole heap of fun. It got me thinking about how awesome it obviously would be to travel through the universe and then I started to imagine just how big it is and then I watched this video....

I highly recommend you watch it in full screen view

Incredible, how can anything be so big, how can it keep expanding and how can it just exist? I mean we're in the universe, what is the universe in? A never ending entity is just too much for my and possibly your brain to grasp. After watching this and understanding the size and the distances you really have to wonder how we could ever manage to leave our solar system. We really do need to invent an incredible form of propulsion. I think I'll settle for us landing on Mars. I really hope humans manage to visit another planet for the first time in my lifetime. They're saying 2030 so I should still be alive, fingers crossed.


tiff said…
Breathtaking. It's a good visual when i feel claustrophobic.