Let's recap

this morning
  • 1am: I return home after a few drinks out with macca
  • 2am: I still can't sleep because the couple in the apartment above mine are still partying
  • 2.30am: fly wire door slams for 10th time, now they're all on the balcony above my spare bedroom which I have moved to in order to try and get some quiet
  • 2.31am: I slam my back door shut which gives these idiots the hint that it's time to STFU
  • 3am: it starts to quieten down a bit but not before I hear someone pissing off the balcony right near my window
  • 9am: I'm wide awake
  • 9.05am: I locate Goldie's (Drum and Bass) album on my iTunes and proceed to play it at a moderate level, but as their bedroom is above my office and thus above my iTunes I suspect they'll be awake in minutes.
  • 9.06am: I hit the shower
  • 9.07am: They start thumping their bedroom floor, my ceiling. I think they want me to be quiet.
  • 9.08am: I start laughing
  • 9.14am: I stop laughing and leave the shower and get dressed
  • 9.20am: I head out to the shops, drum and bass still pumping at just the right level so as to mess with their sleep
  • 1030am: I return home
  • 10.31am: They start thumping the floor again (pointless as I intend to keep playing music till noon)
  • 11.50am: I cut them some slack and shut it down 10 minutes early
  • 12 noon: I continue my Internet search for a house to buy
It's time to get out of here, this block of flats used to be the greatest place to live in Perth. My big apartment downstairs and the two smaller ones upstairs. Karks living in the rear one and Pete in the front one. Perry and Annie next door, no fence between the properties so we had a massive back yard. Perry and Annie's rear deck over looking the city hosted a pile of good parties and we all became the best of friends.

Then Perry and Annie sold up and moved, Karks met Marco and moved out, Pete drifted away and I stayed. It's never been the same and now that I have this chick and her blow in loud mouthed whiny American boyfriend in the front flat I really have to get out of here before I go nuts. I think I'm onto a couple of potential purchases too so hopefully sooner than later. I just can't have people living on the ceiling anymore.



Erin said…
Drums and bass! Drums and drums and bass!

(That's all.)
Stu said…
Hmmm possibly somewhere and maybe once but the general spoke is drum and bass or drum n bass. If drums and bass is the purest form then I'm happy not to be pure :)