I got caught in a massive jam on the way home from work today, it started at Canning bridge and crawled into the city. I hate it when I leave work 20 minutes late because this always happens.


So the only solution and I know it sounds crazy, is to go into the heart of the city and avoid the northern crawl. Everyone's leaving the city so enter the void I say and luckily hardly anyone exits up Beaufort st so I get a good run home.


So while I was sitting in traffic I decided to flip out the digi cam and snap a few point and shoots and see how they worked out. Most did pretty well I think. It's funny how you just drive past stuff in the city and don't really notice or take it in....

Like the new versus the old


Lawsons Apartments, the last remaining old school apartment block in the city

Lawson Building

This place on the Esplanade across the road from Lawsons now houses a really good Chinese restaurant.


The old tax office, abandoned and empty for decades. What a waste, oh sure they have plans...

old tax office

Town Hall

Town Hall

I really hope someone renovates this old gem one day

Old Gem

You also miss celebrities, pretty sure this is the comic store guy from the Simpsons, probably has comics in that bag.

comic store guy

Sex sells, just not today it seems


Your tour of Perth ends now, we hope you've enjoyed the ride and please...tip the driver as you exit.


RVinnie said…
that Chinese restaurant is terrible. overpriced fare.

love the blog though...
Stu said…
Oh no really, I hadn't tried it yet, but I'd heard good reports