So I've been doing a lot of driving around my neighbourhood lately looking to see what houses are for sale. Apart from an odd look from some police who I passed 3 times in the space of two blocks (gotta be careful as street walkers do a lot of business near here and the cops ping you if you make too many laps) it's been pretty uneventful.

But I have managed to find a couple of potential places this way and I've seen some places and streets I'd never really paid attention to before including a beautiful secluded park just off Broome st. Across the road from this little park is this house and I'm callin it my fav house of the week - you didn't know I had a fav house of the week thing goin on did ya? - well you do now. Hmmm if the cops had pulled me over and looked through my camera and seen the below pics I probably would have been accused of casing joints to rob em. I probably should rethink this street cruisin plan of mine, maybe do it on foot.

How cool is this place, I love it.


oasis detail



Irishman said…
Looks sweet! Buy it now. I said NOW!
Anonymous said…
looks nice bro.

is it for sale or are you window shopping?

Stu said…
Sadly this ones not for sale :(
tiff said…
Bummer. It looks fantastic.
Stu said…
Oh I could def live there :)