Fingers crossed this will be one of my last dinner parties at Mary st. The time has come to move on and I've put an offer on a house this afternoon. Fingers crossed they accept and soon I'll own a new mortgage.

waz place

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So last night I cooked up some 70's inspired food for some of the gang. Man 70's food was unhealthy. For the appetizer we had prawn cocktails, this was followed by a chicken and mushroom vol au vent (naturally). I cheated here and used porcini mushrooms as well, hey my dinner party my rules. Then it was a cray mornay with steamed asparagus and smashed potatoes. Finished off with a jelly, sponge trifle.

prawn cocktail

chicken and mushroom vol au vents

cray madness 3



A heap more pics below



Van Strapp said…
God you're a loser Stu, come make dinner at my place before I lose my mind looking at these photos!

I'll get you a revised TMR banner soon too, thanks mate :)
Stu said…
cost you an air ticket my man :)

roger on the banner, just slightly not so wide would be awesome
Ranx said…
Grab yourself a hat and you'd have that whole "Chris Badenoch" look down pat.

Good luck with the house.
Stu said…
cheers man and If I ever get compared to that dude again it'll be too soon lol
stella said…
Gosh Stu. You're a bit impressive aren't you? Email me if you're interested in a blind date. I want to set you up with my best friend over in Perth... Haha!! I laugh but am serious.