This weekend I flew up to Port Hedland in order to attend a funeral in Marble Bar. A shitty task but a small adventure as well. We had to drive from Hedland to Marble Bar and then onto work for my next swing up here which starts tomorrow. I'm in my room at work now fairly exhausted after a few big days. So much to blog and so many pics that I think I'll do it over a few posts.

An incredible sunrise as we took off from Perth yesterday, just such a shame the view that greeted me when I opened my breakfast wasn't as incredible. I ate the sausage and only the sausage.



Once in South Hedland we fueled up for the first leg of the trip and were greeted by the sight of an abandoned chicken kebab/satay at the BP service station. No need to pick it up if you drop it I guess, someone else will do that for you huh? Oh and who eats food like this bought from a petrol station.....hmmm it is the wild west up here so you take the chance I suppose.



Stay classy Port Hedland. More trip posts soon.