We arrived in Marble bar on Saturday afternoon for the funeral . There's not a whole lot to do in Marble bar, just the pub mostly. This one's a bit special, it's known as the Ironclad Hotel and it doesn't get a whole lot more Aussie than this place.

Ironclad hotel

ironclad hotel

ironclad hotel

flying guiness cans

Following the funeral we headed out to Coongan Gorge to set up our camp for the night. Such a beautiful spot, there are a heap of these sorts of places tucked away off the beaten track up here, you just have to know where to look. Dinner was naturally a BBQ over glowing coals.


It was pretty dark when we got there but how good a view is this to wake up to.

coongan gorge2

coongan gorge

Not the coldest night I've ever spent sleeping outside but by 2am I was fully enclosed inside my swag to avoid the icy winds. In the morning it's time to fire up the BBQ again for bacon and eggs.


Then it's time to hit the road and do a bit of tourist stuff on the way back to work, it's somewhere in that direction.

hit the road

I've put up a few larger and better versions of the gorge pics over at YeLPanorama.

Part 3 soon.


Stella said…
AMAZING pics Stu!!! Got a real dose of Aussie-ness there.