It's always most awesome to fly home from up north. To be back in my own bed with my own stuff and a fridge full of....nothing. That part sucks, always having to replenish and then throw out before I head off again. Yeah I know my life sucks .... not.


I have to bitch about these god damn ugly flashing neon speed limit signs that they've strung the length of Beaufort st. It's some bureaucratic attempt to slow cars at the Walcott intersection. I'm all for saving lives and what ever but do we really need 12 of these strewn down the entire st? Lets hope the newly planted trees grow over them. Christ who designs this awful shit for councils, councils who spend hundreds of thousands of rate payers and tax payers dollars to beautify (and I use that term loosely) streetscapes like Beaufort st and then jam these hideous things into the mix. Sometimes I really really need to leave this city, ha! and I just got home too, that was quick.



tiff said…
Yeah, i see them everyday and i still see cars zooming by the office. At least they are solar powered (i think) :)
Stu said…
yeah it looks like there's solar panels above them. I have to say though that they don't really work because even though they're hideous and flashing you don't actually see them until you've passed a few.

This has got to be because they're in the middle of the road, we're used to speed signs on the left