In my job I have to do certificate after course after induction and then I have to refresh or update them annually, bi annually or tri annually etc etc etc . Today was one of those days, a 4WD refresher course. I usually dread doing these courses as I see a whole day wasted, but last night I decided I should stop whining and enjoy myself. I mean I get paid to do the course, I'm outside and I'm driving a 4WD vehicle along dirt tracks through the hills in Sawyers Valley. I could be sitting at a desk. So I should shut up and realise just how good I have it.

sawyers valley

Especially when you get to stop there for lunch, there was even water running down and over those rocks. It was pretty good fun actually and far from boring and I got paid to do it...did I mention that?

4wd course

4wd course


The Desp. said…
I'm not convinced on their merits. That nice smooth dirt track doesn't look like what you'd encounter where you actually work.
Stu said…
you're kinda right but this was an easy track and there were tougher, but this is only the basic course. We do much tougher stuff up north and really I know much more and have far more skills than this course can teach/show me

But it's a requirenment :/
The Desp. said…
Yep, everyone wants their slice of the mining gravy train!