I've had the best 7 days, caught up with most of my bestus friends, ate some great food (and some shocking - Macca that pizza), drunk some good wines and received a pile of goodies in the post. I'm stocking up for summer with some T's and there's still more T's to come. Even the girl totally soaking the neck of my shirt whilst washing my hair before I got it cut today can't put a dampener on my week. There's even more to come this weekend, P&A are back from Morocco so catch up drinks are required and there is a degustation awaiting me on Friday night at Jacksons, not to mention a screening of District 9 this Sunday if a certain 4 people can balance their yin and yangs and be in the same place as me at the required time.

Monday night was Italian food and a dose of Fellini's La Dolce Vita, I think Gaz and Waz were a bit stunned by it all. It's a very different kind of film.


antipasto and waz

I am nude no more

nude no more


Jamaica NY

Good times


stella said…
Whhhaaat?! Jacksons again?! You know who really wants to go there?? A certain chick called Amy. Haha.

Cool T's!