Up here at the mine site I'm kinda used to seeing some stupid and weird stuff, but lately it's reaching new levels. I seriously have to wonder at times. Now I can understand this sign being placed on certain not so obvious items, I can even understand that they placed it above the ham, you'd be surprised at how many people aren't aware that ham is from a pig. But I seriously had to look twice this morning when I saw this....


I'm also wondering why people have to be warned about pork, religious reasons sure, but I really hope this isn't a reaction to swine flu. Sadly part of me thinks it is.

Then there is this gem which has sat above the toasters in the dining mess for some time now. I'm at a complete loss as to what must have been placed in the toaster that it was decided this sign was needed. Porridge? Eggs? Cornflakes? I mean what the hell would anyone put in a toaster other than bread or muffins or crumpets.


Good times

Edit: They did it again


Anonymous said…
at a site i was at lately mate the sign said "please do not put cheese through the toaster".