Friday night was dinner at Da Brunos for one of my besties (Nells) birthdays. I have to say that I'm done with da Brunos for a bit, great food but it just doesn't vary enough. Plus there were two over tarted 20 something girls on the next table (way too much glow mesh btw ladies) who were loud and friggen annoying. No you weren't looking as sexy as you thought you were and 55 year old men are not hip accessories. Yeah yeah I'm sure he's planning to leave his wife for you, I'm sure he'll day.

Saturday night was an 8 hour football marathon with Dave and Dave. No not that football, the real football, the beautiful game, the English Premier League. A few Singha beers and some extremely ordinary pizzas. Pretty sure they poured about a litre of oil over mine and around a kilo of jalapenos and dried chilli flakes on Maccas. Dave wisely ate before we got to his place.

Sunday night at Gens to celebrate Karks and Marcos engagement. Gen has scored the most awesome of apartments on the river. How good is that view? A couple of the best tasting snappers I have ever eaten, some great champagne and wine (it helps having 2 wine makers amongst the guests - cheers lads) and a great discussion on the bullshitiness of clairvoyants finished the weekend of nicely (and why am I the only non believer in all of that airy fairy fortune telling scammery).

gen gen


swan river

holly snapper

"Nom Nom"


I do believe it's an Italian feast with Waz and Gaz with La Dolce Vita on the BIG TV tonight. I am planning to rest up one night this week. Good times