Lately whenever I turn on a TV I seem to be inundated with stuff about the Beatles. Is it an anniversary or something? I wouldn't know, mostly because I just don't really dig /get the Beatles. I tried to, years ago I bought a copy of the White Album, which in retrospect probably wasn't the album you should buy if you are trying to understand the Beatles. I liked it at the time but I've never listened to it since, although I did have a period in my life where I used to quote the lyrics of Rocky Raccoon, I liked those but that's another story.

I understand the phenomenon, the story, the history the fascination and adoration but I guess I was always a Rolling Stones kinda guy, not that you should compare, they're very different. I just don't love the Beatles.

I do kinda love these pics I found on Flickr a year or so ago though....

At John's Tittenhurst house. 22 August 1969. The fab four themselves didn't know that this day will be the last time they're together ever.

But that's because I love/appreciate a moment in history and a rare capture of that very moment



Anonymous said…
it's the 40th anniversary of the Beatles landing on the moon , lol - Reb .
Stu said…
haha that explains it then
Anonymous said…
Philistines!- walker*