So much activity on the Beaufort st strip at the mo. I mentioned this bar and the murder in the kebab shop a few weeks ago and I was thinking it looked small for a bar but then, because I'm a genius, I figured it out. They're doing an L shape around the noodle bar and incorporating the old Richies restaurant (A restaurant that I and a few others figured for a money laundering venture because it stayed open for so many years with hardly a customer) and thus the front door will be on Beaufort st. See, my powers of observation are brilliant....


Across the road and to the left some is another bit of construction, this time in the old Suraj curry restaurant. This is apparently going to be a tapas bar. So good to see the new liquor licensing laws are being used to good effect. It should have happened years ago....but it is Perth and you can't rush things in W(ait) A(while).

tapas bar


Kwality said…
Agreed re: the liquor licensing. More small bars more often I say! But I must admit that I miss Roger and his little eatery. I've spent many an evening having a few beers at the Queens, before popping across the road to pick up some cheap Suraj deliciousness.
Stu said…
I know, such good curry and the service was always entertaining in there