A few weeks ago I got an email from Brian aka the Irishman, he was looking for sponsorship for a night walk in the mountains of Kerry, Ireland. Now I'm always in favour of spending my hard earned cash on helping people walk over hills in the wind and rain until they're soaked to the bone so I coughed up a few readies. Brian sent me a few pics and some words on the event. Sounds like awesome wet fun dude hahaha.....

Hi all,

A quick report of how I got on at the weekend in Kerry. Unfortunately,d ue to a forecast of gale force winds and torrential rain, Carrantuohill was off-limits. We instead tackled one of the more challenging sections of the Kerry Way, which was slightly more sheltered.


The bus dropped us off at 12.30am, and we trekked for ~12km across two mountain passes, from Glencar into the Brida Valley, and then into the Black Valley, before making our way down the Gap of Dunloe. The first pass was treacherous - a steep ascent through rocky bog with no trail to speak of; real leg-breaking terrain, with slippy rocks and plenty of holes in which to lose your foot. The wind as we topped the first pass was ferocious, impossible to stand against.


We followed an old butter road through bandit country, making our way over the second pass as the sky began to lighten at about 6.30am. Unfortunately there was no spectacular sunrise, just the mist and rain becoming more visible. And the rain was all-consuming. Despite head-to-toe rain gear, and waterproof lining on my bag, there was a point at about 4am where I realised there was no point avoiding the puddles any more.

As we reached the pickup point at about 8am, I discovered even my spare clothes were saturated. The couple across from me on the train were not impressed with the smell of wet boots. :P Despite the wetness, it was an enjoyable experience, and there was great bonding among the group. I was disappointed not to get up Carrantuohill, so I'll probably try again in November.


I've raised about €485 to date, which is quite close to my self-set target of €500, so I'm very pleased with that. A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me, it'll be a great help to the work of LCD.

Warm regards,
Congrats on the effort man, christ that looks cold