I mean it's only 2 metres long, which says it's only a baby  for a carpet python. Wait till it fully grows. My brother was sitting at his office desk in his house in Queensland today watching some college football from the states when he heard a scratching noise. He decided to investigate and there it was less than 4 feet away from him. He says he aged 15 years right there on the spot haha. I think Marvin his cat had the most to fear, the snake then slid out the door and back into the tropical bush around his house. Time to plug some gaps in the old house Justin
Carpet Python

Carpet Python2

Carpet Python3

Carpet Python1


Anonymous said…
He should be here next month, no doubt his hair colour has changed. Not pleasant all the same.
Stu said…
Who? What? Where?
Anonymous said…
Gaz asks... what's the plastic looking thing in the first photo... what's Justin doing in bed?
Stu said…
Ha, it's his office not his bed and I think you'll find it's the edge of a chair cane/rattan and not plastic, just blurred - up up up from the gutter Gaz...there ya go ;)