Just the name alone intrigued me, Sushi Station FUJI, so when deciding on which of the 4 or 5 Japanese restaurants to go to in Vic Park this one stood out just by its name. So that's where we went and it was a good decision. It doesn't look like much from the outside, pretty shabby in fact, but once inside it almost has an authentic small Tokyo restaurant feel about it. A Wednesday night and fully booked, always a good sign. Ours was the last table to fill, shoes off and slide into the seats. What to have?

sushi station2

Karks insisted on the tofu and said I'd love it. I have never loved tofu, it's just wrong, the texture especially but even the taste and at times lack of taste just puts me off, but I said I'd try. Linda and I chose the salmon and tuna steaks. I am so glad I had the salmon and tuna to choose from because as I predicted I almost gagged on the tofu. Not that there was anything wrong with the tofu, by all accounts it was fantastic, it's just tofu and I....we just don't get along.


Main course was easy, Bento box's for all. So tasty and a great selection of everything I love in Japanese cuisine. All up around $80 for 3 which is pretty good for such generous portions. Such friendly smiling waitresses as well. Definately heading back to Sushi Station FUJI again, 3.5/5.

sushi station

Vic Park is exploding with restaurants and cafes and the Albany Hwy strip is looking good. I'm not sure on the quality but hopefully I'll get to try a few more soon. Fingers crossed.
Highlight: The Bento box
Lowlight: My resistance to tofu

Score: 7 tempura prawns out of 10

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tiff said…
I love love love Fuji Station! Glad you found it. Did you try the agadashi tofu (deep fried tofu)? It's superb. Next time try the hot pot for 2. Have you tried Sado Island in Claremont? Their bentos are amazing but pricey.
Stu said…
hahah yeah it was the agadashi tofu that did me in, try as i do I just can't do tofu. Saw the hot pot for 2 doing the rounds and yes on Sado Island but no on their Bento, I'll remember for next time though