What's going on with the Leederville strip? I was wandering down Oxford st tonight on my way to meet up with Perry and Annie for dinner at Ria when I noticed everything was either empty or closed. Cafe 130 - closed. Cino to go - closed. Green & Co open and packed, hmmm I guess the other cafes aren't bothering to compete. Then I spotted my fav store in the whole of Perth had gone. No more Black Plastic....nooooooooo where will I get my uber cool birthday cards and wrapping paper and cool quirky gifts for my friends now?

Thank god there it was, It's only moved around the corner, but it has been replaced by possibly the ugliest pizza by the slice hole in the wall I have ever seen and I've seen some shockers. How easy would it have been to make a cool/funky pizza by the slice place in THAT spot. But no, it looks as sterile as a morgue, in fact it looks about as atmospheric as a morgue. I'm guessing rents went too high for Black Plastic, but I'm pretty sure the pizza place wont make the rent either. Why does Perth go one step forward two steps back....all the time?

Thank god we have Ria, the food there is always awesome. Malaysian food done fantastically. We had the Duck, sticky chewy caramelised braised duck so yum, fish fillets in a ginger lime and chilli glaze piled high with mint leaves and finally a vegetable curry thick with carrots, baby beans, potatoe and tofu. Such a good meal. Dessert of crepes filled with fresh coconut and palm sugar and cinnamon laced cheesecake with caramel sauce, all washed down with a bottle of NZ Gewürztraminer - Riesling - Pinot Gris (which was way too sweet, we chose badly there) and all for only $40.00 a head.

Tip though, try for the back area. Even though it's stools and a bench it's half as noisy as the main dinning area. The polished concrete floors make for a loud time out there.

Highlight: The braised duck
Lowlight: The noise

8 new flavours out of 10

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Stella said…
Holy crap Stu. When I read that Black Plastic was gone my heart skipped a beat. I love that place. Loved the cool wrapping paper and cards and nick nacks!
Stu said…
I'm hearin ya, but only around the corner..........phew!!