A slow start to the working week for me, I took some me time this morning to measure up the insides of the house I've almost bought. It's going to need a whole heap of work before I can move in, probably wont be in it until this time next year but it will so be worth it. So many cool ideas flowing already. My bestie female friend Karks and her boy Marco are going to be my architects so it will be a cool project. After we measured up it was off to Soto to mull over a few ideas.


Oh and since when has copying someone elses art been considered art, art worthy of selling too? Maybe it's the only way you and I could ever afford a Warhol original. And the green ones, whaaaaaaaat, looks like the stuff I made in primary school when I was cutting shapes into potatoes and pressing them onto paper. You want how much for it? No thanks and straighten that picture.



Dropstitch said…
I had coffee at Soto's the other day and thought exactly the same thing about the Marilyn prints. If someone loves Warhol's Marilyn that much, why don't they just buy a print of the original?
Stu said…
It jus makes me think of that store "Thingz" or "Copperart" where you buy crappy imitations