Just in from my good buddies victory party at the Northbridge Hotel. Warren (Waz) ran for the Town of Vincent council this weekend and romped it home with a landslide victory over the incumbents. If you live in the Town of V you may have been one of the many who decided that change was needed and change was delivered. This should make the sitting Mayor very nervous because a vast number of residents have him on their radar now. We're tired of his behaviour. But as I try very hard not to talk about politics on here that is all I will say about that.


At the moment we're all just pretty stoked that Warren won. This is the first time I've ever been involved in something like this and even though my part (delivering election pamphlets) was a very small one it did give me a sense of doing good for want of a better word. Congrats Waz.

northbridge hotel


Ranx said…
Good stuff, my cricket club is in the ToV and they've been pretty ordinary up till now
Stu said…
yep, it's been run in an ordinary way, hopefully with this new influx of councillors things will improve