Dinner with Waz and Gaz tonight at Nine. Long overdue birthday meal with Gaz as I was away at the time. Decided to play with some settings on my cam during the walk to the restaurant, turned out pretty okay methinks...

I just love the view of Perth from my street, Im gonna miss this next year when I move.


Mary st

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Bulwer st, almost there

Bulwer st

Nine Restaurant
okay I cheated a bit on this one, took it on the way home, note we were the last to leave....good form


The reason we went to Nine, sashimi plate. Should have used my camera and not my phone.


Larger versions over at YeLPanorama


The Desp. said…
Have you been to Namh Thai (?) next door? I haven't been to either of yet and am wondering which to try first
Stu said…
oh yeah def been to Nahm, a few times now


service has improved heaps too. As for which one first, hmmm that's a toughie, they're both great but I kinda lean slightly towards Nine. I think I've been to Nine 7 times against 3 for Nahm Thai