So last week a tired old sort of funny regular Saturday night variety show that shut down many years ago resurrected itself on a Wednesday night and rated its' lil socks off.

"Hmmm maybe I was wrong, maybe I do remember it being funny, maybe I'll give it a go this week"

So I did something I rarely do, I turned my TV on after 6.30pm...................YOIKS!

I now so wish I hadn't. By now most of you will be familiar with what happened on Hey Hey It's Saturday last night. If you aren't give this, this and this a read and then come back here. Okay, I know they are all overseas impressions of the event but that's because I am yet to find a suitably enraged Australian piece on it all. Hopefully I will soon.

I'd like to get one thing straight at the get go. In my opinion, Blackface is not, was not and never will be funny.

Connick Jnr said it clearly on the show. "In America we have been trying for years NOT to show black people as buffoons" they're correcting their mistakes. Australians this morning, if all of the news services are anything to go by, are saying this isn't an Australian issue, the Yank is being overly sensitive. This argument was strengthened when the host of the show, Darryl Somers apologised to Connick after the skit, stating that as an American this has offended you. Um actually Darryl, this offends a large proportion of the Australian public as well. But this just shows how out of touch you and your producers are with Australia. Again white Australia manages to overlook 50,000 years of history on this continent. It's like we don't have black people in this country to offend aye Darryl?

For those reading this who still don't quite get it, watch this vid on how to tell people they sound racist. It's only 3 minutes long and hits the nail on the head.



Oh and thanks for the apology but the fact that you're Indian doesn't alleviate anything, you should have known better and that you are all doctors actually makes it worse as we suspect/hope here in Australia that our doctors are educated. Am I wrong?


tiff said…
I wish they didn't air it knowing full well it was going to be controversial since it was not a wed night "live show". It's sad that ratings trumped doing the right thing.
Stu said…
It's simply served to reinforce my decision to stop watching TV much anymore. It's food for the brain dead