I live near a church, so most weekends I'm lucky enough to see some great and some not so great wedding cars. Sometimes they're classy, other times just plain ugly....

I'm going to use this post to show the the results of a new app I've scored for my iPhone. It's called Camera Bag and it does some awesome things with photos. It's really just a simple photo shop application that focuses on editing your photo of choice into a variety of photo styles. They range from 1962 style black and white to Mono to Cinema to Infra red to these examples below....

This is the photo I took


Then you can apply the Helga effect which mimics the Holga camera. The Holga is an inexpensive medium format 120 film toy camera made in China , appreciated for its low-fidelity aesthetic.


Or the lolo, which is the same as those from a Lomo camera, I love the Lomo camera and Tiff has pointed me in the direction of some for sale here in Perth so I have to remember to grab one soon.


and the Magazine style, there's a few others but that's a good sample. If you have an iPhone and love this sort of thing grab it. It's one of the best apps I've bought so far. Man I'm raving about this like I have shares in the company...if only!



lil bro said…
sweet ride man