The small hangover I am currently suffering is a result of both mixing beer and red wine with two local drinking establishments. The Queens hotel and The Must wine bar. The panadol should kick in soon. This post may also be interpreted as a cry for help, a cry to tell me I really need to spread my horizons when it comes to places to drink at because it appears that Macca and I have spent this Saturday night at the very same venues we spent a Saturday night a year ago almost to the day. We do drink elsewhere don't we? Hmmm not so much, but at least there are around 3 more choices opening in this area soon.

the queens v must wine bar

The first thing we noticed was the bus loads of people in fancy dress arriving. This can mean only one thing, Spring in the Valley. That once quite enjoyable trip to the Swan Valley to do tours of wineries, now taken over by masses of bogans dressed as cowboys, nurses, romans in togas and any thing else you can think of. But wait, what's this, the hotel bouncers are jumping onto every bus before anyone can get off and telling them they wont be allowed in. Awesome, this meant we didn't have to put up with all of the crap that we had to last year ...... almost to the day.